Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Most of the nations of the world are suffering from poverty as it is. There is mass unemployment and sickness hovering over the many nations of Africa and Asia. Namibia and its many towns including Windhoek are thus suffering.

The population here is ever increasing which doesn’t seem to cut down in the near future. While at the same time other financial difficulties like unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructure, are only on the rise.

Traffic jams, crimes, poor settlements, flooding, increasing slums are only a few of the problems that mar the country. The very governance and management in Namibia is finding it increasingly difficult as far as controlling the chaos is concerned.
For once Urban agriculture (UA) seems like an answer to all the woos and worries as faced by Namibia and its many regions.

This simply means growing plants and veggies, raising animals for food and other domestic uses, all within the range of major towns and urban centers. This apart even other related activities like processing, marketing and delivery will take place here itself. This should greatly boost of things here for Namibia which otherwise suffers from very poor service delivery.

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Following this simple measure would result in affluence and no shortage of food and related goods. There would be enough nutrition which should take care of the sufferings that innumerable poor household in Namibia face, hunger none the less. This should in turn also help out generation of jobs and revenues. The path for socioeconomic growth thus seems to be paved effortlessly as far as Namibia is concerned.

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