Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Mitsubishi has always been among the pioneers in the field of technology. Mitsubishi Electronics has continuously been well received by people who have greatly benefited from the assortment of different products that the company offers. Even when it comes to heating and cooling solutions, Mitsubishi lags behind none. The company for decades now has been offering avant-garde cooling and heating solutions, be it for homes or for that matter business.

These products are great in terms performance. The current era which is seeing extreme climatic conditions all over the world is only to the added advantage of Mitsubishi which should see boosted sales. The products are again eco friendly and energy saving in nature as well.

Healthier, cost-effective and eco friendly are the three key points to be considered which are of prime importance in the product category. Two new spark360 business video profiles talk of these brilliant heating and cooling solutions as offered by Mitsubishi. One of the videos may be viewed at http://www.spark360.tv. The video talks of Mitsubishi Electric’s impact on the very design and built of commercial buildings which are build for various purposes including hotels, hospitals, colleges etc.

The second video will be airing soon enough at http://www.spark360.tv. This shall comprise of the company’s offerings to households. Headquarters of the Mitsubishi Electric's Cooling and Heating Solutions division which is located at Atlanta, Georgia will have the spark360 cameras hovering all over it soon enough.

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