Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2 is a classic piece of engineering and instrumental in the First World War. The plane was used by the Royal Flying Corps which was an overland arm of the British military.

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The plane which is a two seater was very much instrumental in getting great Britain the strong hold in that war. The F.E.2 along with the D.H.2 which is a single seater pusher biplane helped bring the Fokker Scourge to an end. This was when the German forces, specifically the German Air Service was in command of things on air quite literally. The German air force was going very strong on the western front from the summer of 1915 to the very spring of the next year in 1916.

The F.E.2 stands for Farman Experimental 2. It spawned various other versions as well in the later years. There is the first 1911 version as exclusively and brilliantly made and designed by Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland. He was a pioneer in aircraft engineering and among the biggest names in British aviation at that time.

He built this plane at the Royal Aircraft Factory in 1911. The later versions of the plane saw modifications which had a maxim machine gun fitted on the nose of the plane among other modifications. The later 1913 version of this plane was relatively heavier and bigger. While another version in 1914 was more fighter like in its features.

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