Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Food contamination is among the major culprit that has people one and all suffering. Being among the most common of problems it can also be that simply dealt with using a few potent preventive measures. This is where Researchers from Kansas State have taken it upon themselves to better enlighten food workers.

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But then again these researchers are using an innovative yet age old medium of telling stories with graphical images as well. This proves to be more useful and effective for the workers are not only amused with this method but at the same time also remember and comprehend things better. These researchers have come together from the University of Guelph in Canada, North Carolina and Kansas State.

The stories as told to these food workers was about the problems people had to deal with in the past with the outbreak of a food contamination. Normal safety advice as given to people includes reminding them to wash hands or for that matter using thermometers among others. These are not found to be effective in convincing and better alerting people, enough to see them follow these guidelines.

The stories on the other hand are increasingly more relevant and acceptable easily. For example one of the information sheets as being used by the researchers talks about food preparation as well as cooling for large crowds. This was inspired by a food contamination outbreak that affected one hundred and fifty nine people. This was during a church turkey dinner in Kansas.

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