Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Asetek seems to be on a roll as far as it coolers are concerned. The company has many swearing by its all-in-one Hydro liquid coolers. It has recently launched a latest series of models that come in three types. These include namely the 545LC, 565LX and 585LX models. These newer models are super chic and use even a more compact 92mm fans and radiators.

Now comparing this with the older 120mm units and things sure have shortened up in size. The newer models are compact enough to be easily fixed in most of the cases. They may be appropriate for greater number of systems other then simply the 120mm models.

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Of the three models, the 545LC comprises of a single exhaust-port, single-CPU solution made keeping the high-performing gaming PCs and workstations in mind.
When it comes to the quality and performance of these models, it is as unmatched as ever. As for the installation process, even that is relatively easy and effortless. At 26dB (A) the model hardly makes any noise.

Asetek may as well now come up with dual-radiator models which will perform even better. 565LX is dual port and as well a single-CPU cooler. It is made keeping the 3U servers and workstations in mind. On the other hand the 585LX models are very much similar in nature except for that it is able to support two CPUs. 565LX and 585LX are already out and available in the market. The 545LC will be out shortly in the month of December in 2010.

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