Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The latest ProVU temperature and industrial controller as launched by Automated Control Engineering Group Pty Ltd (A.C.E.) are going to prove ultra efficient for the areas which require the equipment’s applications. These are namely climatic chambers, autoclaves, and industrial furnaces.

These controllers come equipped with many a new added features. This includes two independent control loops in one unit. This improvement in the new industrial controller is indeed a solution as far as the industrial process is concerned. The controller has an innovative adaptable programmer which has two profiles allowing for the storage of 64 varied programs along with 255 segments.

Supplier of wide range of chiller units like process chillers & other cooling equipments. We specialise in manufacturing chillers & have been supplying chiller units for the more than 30 years.

This will ultimately see the requirements and usage of lesser units of controllers unlike before. They would thus do a lot of savings by cutting on hardware as well as installation costs.

These industrial controllers may prove to be invaluable in a number of industries including the water, food, industrial, mining sectors among others.

The company A.C.E in the mean time supplies their enviable list of clients with these exclusive range of products that are in turn supplied by reputed names like AMCi, West Instruments, ASM, Hengstler, Monitouch , TransTech, FEAS and a string of other names. One may simply contact the company A.C.E through e-mail or by visiting their official website.

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