Tuesday, December 14, 2010


THE 2010 edition of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) conference and expo met with a lot of accolades for presenting an assortment of next generation and advanced products. The event was held with absolute fan fare at Orlando, Florida.

The event also saw an active participation of enthusiastic companies from world over. But when it comes to the releasing of a new product, the one name that stood apart this season was the combination bottle holder and body cooler, SWIH from the company ARC Ware.

The idea behind this equipment is that it may as well be placed at the back of the neck effortlessly as it is very lightweight. When used together with a half liter (500ml) frozen water bottle, SWIH also doubles up as a body cooler. This is also where it stands unique and apart from other products in its category. It offers both cooling and hydration with its water storage capacity.

The misters, fans and neck coolers as available in the market do not have this unique ability of providing with both hydration and cooling. The Scottsdale company which has come up with this unique and interesting product is still young and in the reckoning to grow in the upcoming years.

Te Company thus chose the IAAPA Show as its first trade show. The show as it is saw the presence of many international representatives coming from giant companies. Most of them were genuinely impressed with the product and could see its benefits and efficiency as offered. At $15, the product is still a reasonable bargain offering high value for money.

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